No Churn Ice Cream Recipe// Curry's PC World.

Ice cream- there's nothing quite like it is there? so many flavours to choose from, whether your in the supermarket or standing sandy footed on the edge of the beach.

Curry's PC World experts have created a No churn ice cream recipe, a recipe you can do at home, without a fancy schmancy ice cream maker, or any of the faff that comes with it.

We all decided to give it a try, and make the most of the warm days whilst they're still here.

How to make no-churn ice cream with just your fridge freezer.

Firstly I familiarised myself with the ingredients & method you can find the recipe here.

For this recipe I enlisted my best little helper A!

here we are whisking the egg whites.

After combining the ingredients in order (you'll find all the information you need by following the link underneath the post title) we poured the mixture (which smelt yummy already!) into our chosen container, which was a loaf pan, but you can use a lunchbox too.

As we didn't have any cling film (recommended) we cut up a sandwich bag & tied string around it to close it (and we hoped it would still work!).


The finished product.

So It was time for the tasting, it certainly looked the part, but did it taste any different? as all parents know our children are our greatest critics, so if A liked it, it was fab in our book.

We turned our dining table into an ice cream sprinkle station, giving him 5 different types to sprinkle on, & of course a cone.

It scooped onto the cone beautifully, considering my fridge freezer is brand new I was worried we'd have to wait a while for it to melt a little.

What A said: "Delicious, I liked making the ice cream... please can I have more?"

What we thought: we were very surprised at how well our first attempt ever at making ice cream was, the ice cream tasted like proper vanilla ice cream, neither of us adults could say that there was any difference in look or taste.

So with the little happy, what about the adults? I couldn't just leave it there.. I had the ice cream making bug!.

Coffee Chocolate No churn ice cream.

Dean isn't a massive fan of coffee in foods (apart from drinking coffee by the bucket load!) 
but I managed to convince him that i'd do the flavours tastefully, not too strong, subtle yet tasty, just like ice cream should taste!.

We kept to the same recipe, but added:

1 Tbsp Flaked Almonds (roughly crushed)
50g of a 100g bar of chocolate (grated)
1 Tsp Coffee

I created this Coffee Chocolate ingredients list myself, including the measurements, so I was a little nervous about trying it.

The coffee choc ice cream (seen right) and the vanilla ice cream.

The Coffee Chocolate ice cream worked, and tasted delicious!, you could taste the subtle coffee, the softness of the chocolate coming through and the creamy tastes coming through lastly, all with a tiny chew to it (that'll be the almonds).

And the hardest critic of them all?

I think judging by the picture it was a real winner!.

I can see this recipe be versatile to a whole host of combinations, especially fruits like strawberries,blueberries etc..

So all you really need is a few tasty ingredients & a freezer!.

If my kitchen was a little wider I would have brought one of Curry's American Style fridge freezers.

Zombiiemummy was supplied ingredients for the purpose of this post, all opinions contained are purely our own.