MAM// Grow with MAM

Sustainability and baby products before have never really gone together, when you think about all the items you get through in your babies first year, the thought comes to your mind that "this cant possibly be Eco friendly..".

I'm really thrilled to be a MAM Blogger & to introduce MAM anti colic bottle, a self sterilising bottle in 3 easy steps!


1. Fill with 20ml of water
2. Put the bottle parts together
3. Heat in the microwave for 3 minutes.

A self sterilising bottle has never sounded more amazing and impressive!, also it being an Anti-Colic bottle too. I know I could have done with these bottles when A was a baby, he had awful colic.

When you think about how much you use bottles (assuming daily use & sterilisation over six months) that must equate to a quantity of CO2.

But MAM don't just make Bottles you know!

Introducing Lucy the snail.

Handmade from 100% natural rubber from rubber tree forests of Thailand.

We love the vibrant colour & how it also doesn't squeak!.

We were set an activity by MAM, together with A to grow with MAM..

We have our seeds, our container,soil & our helper tools!.

We began by putting soil into our container, A helped a lot by scooping up lots and dunking it into the pot.

We then spaced out our seeds using Lucy the snail, A loved the visual help.

A poking holes in the soil ready for the seeds.

We talked a lot about what seeds need to grow, A compared the little seeds with his growing baby sister in my tummy.

A holding seeds in his hand, "they're so cute!".

We used the Anti Colic bottle to hold all our seeds in & it really helped A to hold them in his hand, and to sprinkle them in the holes.

Then it was time for watering...

A assigned himself the job of checking & watering them & making sure they had enough sunshine, "but not too much Muma.".

A little time and patience later...

p o p!

They began to sprout!

"Look Muma, Sprouts!, just like Sprout!"

Just like A's flower seeds, our own little sprout is growing in my tummy (we call baby 2 Sprout)

They keep growing too.

"lots and lots and lots!".

We want to thank MAM for the seeds, it's been a real family activity looking after and growing our seeds into Sprouts, We'll be posting progress on our little sprouts on our Instagram (@zombiiemummy).

You can find out more about MAM's sustainability at Active Responsibility.