Cute little baby things..

Yesterday was A's first day back at nursery school, he loves nursery school & was also the day he got his first ever birthday party invite.

It was also the day I rushed myself to Triage (again) after experiencing a bleed..

I was popped onto a monitor to check baby heartbeat & monitor movements & to check my cervix.

Thankfully everything is fine, she likes to give us frights, I now carry my green notes on me for long journeys, because I'm so worried something else will happen.

With my DIY drawers project nearing completion, I've started to get her clothes washed. 

I intend to show you the finished drawers when they're 100% finished.

I really love seeing little baby clothes drying, It's been so long since I've held a baby & washed baby clothes.

I've got a few exciting posts coming up soon that i'm working on, but as you can imagine it's still very hectic here in the Zombiiemummy house.