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Admittedly I haven't been doing lunchbox lunches for long, A is nearly 4 and is in Nursery school, Packed lunches are a great way to know what your child(ren) are eating because it's all been prepared by you!

However it can sometimes get a little tricky knowing what to fill, day in day out, week in week out. Luckily we have delicious Hartleys jelly pots to help us show you how fun lunchbox lunches can be!.

Hartleys sent us x2 pots of Jelly (not pictured because A was so excited he ran off with them! haha), a Hartleys lunchbox & some rather funky stickers to decorate with!.

If you'd like to get your hands on a lunchbox with some stickers simply..

collect 12 special green lids and head over to http://www.hartleysfruit.co.uk/ to redeem your free lunchbox! as simple as our delicious lunchbox treats in today's post!.

But first things first! A had to decorate his lunchbox.!

Look at that smile! I think the spirit of Hartleys Jelly is well and truly with him, (too right as I'm constantly buying more, cheeky monkey!.)

Then It was my turn to make food magically appear into his lunchbox (luckily this being my forte.)

1. Cheesy pastry stars - (puff pastry egg & grated cheese 10 Mins cook time)
2. Egg wraps - (x2 eggs 2 min cook time)
3. Broccoli bites - (Broccoli,Bread crumbs,Italian seasoning 20 mins cook time)
4. Sliced apple - (x1 Apple)
5. Hartleys Jelly pot (x1 flavour of choice! A's favourite is Strawberry No added sugar.)

Hartleys no added sugar pots come in six different delicious flavours

"No Muma!..not for you, just for me" 

(I'm not allowed any.. :( .)

"Is it lunchtime yet Muma?" 

A decided, like the imaginative kid he is, that he's not a conventional kid, he preferred his lunch on his trampoline, so armed with his favourite bears strewn across the inside, he sat and munched..

and munched..and slurped..(well that's how you enjoy Hartleys jelly pots the best of course.) 

I like to think the jelly pots are helping A's hand-eye co ordination too, simply because he really gets unhappy if he spills any.. (and yes that bit on his lunchbox did go in his mouth.) 

What a perfect size for lunchboxes they are too!.

By keeping the lunchbox lunches simple and delicious (not to mention as healthy as you dare!), your child(ren) are happy & so are you.

Win, win!

This post is an entry for BritMums #HartleysYourLunchbox linky Challenge, sponsored by Hartleys jelly. http://www.hartleysfruit.co.uk/ .