PIUPIA// Stylish and quirky designer baby clothing.

So the new carpet hasn't been purchased..let along laid, her pushchair still isn't here, & I haven't finished her drawers or converted her cupboard to a walk in wardrobe yet..but here I am doing another mini haul, because shopping for me is like a little way of me feeling organised.

I stumbled across Piupia via Instagram, and noticed they have a sale on, a lot of A's things when I was pregnant with him were small independent sale purchases from cute online stores, I'm not one of those to buy in a massive quantity either.

onto the mini haul..


x1 Yellow Stripes trousers 3-6 months.
x1 Confetti Bloom Dress 3-6 months.


I absolutely love this little dress it's just the sweetest, it's so so soft I love the colours, even down to the little buttons.

The back of the dress looks like this, I really love the orange part, almost looks like a big pleat when you hold it up, I can only imagine how gorgeous it'll look on Sprout.

Ever since we found out Sprouts gender a lot of dresses have come our way, I'm not complaining..because I've been doing it too, but I do want to start getting some trousers for her more now, I love these, with the elasticated waist, the comfy look of them and the softness of them too.

The pattern is just beautiful & I can see this teamed up with a lot of clothing I already have for her.

What do you think of our choices?.