Keeping promises

It's been really hectic in the Zombiiemummy house, very hectic to be precise, hence why I haven't done many posts, I don't like to throw posts up for the sake of it, that's not what this blog is about.

We've been rushing around trying to redecorate our bedroom, we've finished Sprouts (just carpet to go), today we finished our bedroom, but in between have been trying our very hardest to give A's holiday what it

So one morning we awoke an hour early than A usually wakes, to take him to the seaside, I've never lived so close to Wales as I do now, I've never been, & so A hadn't either until then, we had such a lovely day it was so nice to be somewhere new, do something new.

A & Dean did some baking too, It was lovely to watch them both together, as father & son.

We also took him to a children's workshop to decorate a t-shirt & a crown, he picked the crown colour & stuck on the pieces himself.

A also picked another Young Double doll, he picked all by himself & so I treated him to that too.

No his summer hasn't been full of white sandy beaches, countless ice creams or plane rides, but there's plenty of time for that, I'm in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy & we still have lots to do to prepare for baby coming.

Now our bedroom is finished (just shelving to go!) we need to do a little more in Sprouts room and that's it, we can now focus on more of what A wants.

I like to think we're doing a great job, after all parenting is hard.