Getting ready for Baby 2.

I ordered Sprouts crib early, mainly because I'm in panic stress mode, it came first thing this morning & I'm so excited when we can eventually put it up, (we're currently re-decorating our bedroom so we're waiting for our room to be done before putting it up).

We decided this time around to go with Bednest, we read up a lot about the company before hand & were very happy, we took advantage of their special offer, which is now expired.

We'll be doing another post once it's all up in our bedroom

Dean & A checking it over..

It's all starting to feel really real now, so far It's been like a dream- a daze, that baby on the fuzzy screen couldn't possibly be our baby, a baby we'd tried for so long for, but nope, it's time to get my head out of the clouds and really knuckle down!.