Dyson/Currys Engineering Event//

If you're on our Social medias (Instagram or Twitter) you'll may or may not have already seen A and I attended a Dyson event at the museum of science & industry last weekend, we stayed over the night before and made a lovely little weekend of it.

A and I outside MSI.

The event was something I felt I could really make a great job of showing not only you, our readers but A too the world of engineering and encourage a younger generation to think about the opportunities available for them in this sector.

A loves constructing things,finding out more about how something works.. so on a sunny day we explored together Dyson's products.

The V8 cordless Vacuum

 The Pure Cool Link Tower Air purifier

The Cinetic Big Ball Animal Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

We listened to two Dyson engineers who talked about the technology behind each one, A did 
very well listening as A is still only 3 years old, it seemed to really capture his attention.

We had a look at the new Cinetic Big Ball Animal Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, and how it works, I loved the Self righting motion of it & how it's a lot more simple to empty away what's inside the chamber- brilliant!.

We then saw the V8 cordless Vacuum, It boasted one handed use to make vacuuming that bit quicker, but not skimping on the powerful nature that Dyson prides themselves on.

(I was itching to have a go of them!)

Then it was time to have a go at the interactive workshops.

Firstly we had a go at making our own self righting ball, learning about weight distribution, just like the Cinetic Big Ball Animal Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

A showing off his own self righting egg "The Beryl"- A named it himself.

Testing it out!.

Then we had a go at making our very own fan!, here's A decorating his.

We had a tiny bit of help from a very lovely Dyson Engineer, paper construction isn't exactly my thing.
A had super fun trying it on the Pure Cool Link Tower Air purifier, I was very impressed with the functions of the Air purifier too & A loved seeing his creation spin around, I explained that the Cool Link Tower doesn't have blades like his fan does, A thought that was very clever.

A waited for a turn making a mess, using three common everyday things (Glitter,Flour & Coffee/dirt) 

A & I listened to how the different add on's worked.

A was a little confused at first as to why I was in fact encouraging him to make an almighty mess, but soon got into the swing of things!.

Here's a fast action (be it slightly blurry) photo of A sprinkling Glitter on the different flooring's that we find in our home.

"We only have two carpets" A said to a lovely lady at the event. (he means his bedroom & baby #2's room has carpet only)

An event with children..or your own child wouldn't be complete with a little bit of drama, whilst A was making a simulated mess with the coffee/dirt it was a bit too heavy for him & it ended up mostly being all over everywhere (yes it was a little face palm moment) some of the other bloggers and I all chuckled, my first thought was how on earth were we going to clear it all up??, but this was no problem for the V8 cordless Vacuum as I found out!

Firstly we used a Combination Tool 
(Pictured above)

We then used the Direct Drive Cleaner Head.

I was absolutely astounded to see the carpeted area looked like nothing had ever dirtied it!, like nothing had been spilt on it, the other flooring's were the same, all the mess came up a dream and it felt effortless to using just one handed (although A was holding it too)

The engineering event really opened my eyes to the variety & simplicity Dyson's products have created for us in the home.

Today there are Dyson machines in over 75 countries around the world. Dyson has grown from one man and one idea to a technology company with over 3,000 engineers worldwide. But it doesn’t stand still. At its core is an ever-growing team of engineers and scientists. More ideas. More invention.

Dyson engineers and scientists in Britain, Singapore and Malaysia are dedicated to inventing and improving Dyson machines. They are drawn from a broad spectrum of disciplines: fluid dynamics, robotics, acoustics, electronics and microbiology to name but a few. Each one is an expert in their field. Working together, they ensure Dyson machines outperform others and that they’re built to last.

Now if you'll all excuse me.. I'm off to Curry's to swoon over the three products all over again!

Not a sponsored post, we were kindly invited along to the Dyson/Curry's Engineering Event, received a goody bag at the end, and during the course of the day got to try out Dysons products.