Busy busy

The weekend was busy & really exciting, we both got to spend lots of time with A, which was really nice.

We go to our local farm shop a lot, & they had some strawberries, so we decided to buy some & have some for after dinner for once, they're all still super juicy & sweet too.

Whilst we were away at the weekend, we had just enough time to show A these huge historic planes, each with their own stories to tell no doubt!, A was amazed! he loves planes & transport in general, so this was like Disney for him, he now keeps asking to sit in a real one!, goodness knows how I'm going to manage that!.

It's a couple of weeks until A goes back to nursery & even less time until I'm a Mama to two!, I'm really looking forward to having this baby, but sad at the same time, no more pregnancies or babies, whilst I say this not to make Dean feel bad or guilt him in anyway, there's just something about it being so finite I think that makes it a little sad.

Two is definitely our magic number, We've always agreed on that, despite the pressure from others as Dean is the third child in his family, & I'm the first child in mine. for us three children would be a struggle, our home would be stretched to the limit, I don't want to make any of the children share a room, ( I shared a room for years with my sibling & one of the reasons we brought our home is so they wouldn't). 

I have a few deadlines to complete as well this week so I'm hoping to get them done too, I always feel on edge when I have deadlines to complete.