Being the entertainer.

Summer holidays have been a challenge this year, as A is yet another year older, I find what works for someones children, doesn't always work with your own, A is a very active child, with me being 30 weeks pregnant, my mobility isn't as it was previously, so it's been a little tough, especially with decorating certain rooms in our house also.

I decided to create an activity that we could both enjoy & create a gift for my mum for her birthday in one go.

Clay Bead Necklaces.

I shaped clay pieces into different shapes, and left them for a week to air dry.

A chose three colours

Red,Black & White, & we both sat down to paint the beads.

A painting his beads.

I love A's painted beads, they're so much better than mine!.

I'm currently in the process of applying a few coats of PVA, and then it's onto the really fun part.

The threading!