Bax & Bay// Cub Bag/ What's in baby 2's Hospital bag?

So today I thought i'd combine two posts into one absolutely blooming exciting post.

I'm now 33 weeks pregnant with Sprout, this pregnancy has been a joy, but now as I creep ever closer to the big day I'm getting organised a lot earlier than I did with my first, simply because I'm already a mama and it's not like it was with my first pregnancy, I also have a three year old to organise, and ensure when myself & Dean are away he still has everything he needs when he's with my parents.

Bax & Bay- Cub Bag.

Change Feed & Carry.

Cub bags are functional,spacious,beautifully designed and handmade in the Highlands of Scotland.

I love how stylish the bag feels when I wear it, no other bag has made me feel stylish, so it's really exciting to know I'll feel good once Sprout is here & while i'm out and about with A & Sprout too!

This bag is Sand-faux suede.

Made in a high-quality faux suede which is waterproof, stain-resistant and hypo-allergenic

Remember I said you could change, feed & carry using this bag?, well you can!, it functions as a feeding pillow & carry support also, which I personally would have loved when A was a baby, a bag that can do so much just on your shoulder? perfect.

You can also wear it with a sling or wrap!- brilliant because we're planning on doing some baby wearing too.

(A is wearing wellies, because he decided why not?) 

I love the fully adjustable strap, which can be untied to secure around the body for feeding 

Another big thing Dean & I have always talked about is making the changing bag usable for both myself & Dean, so he feels just as confident as I do whilst out and about.

I think he looks great with the Cub bag!.

A little look at the cub bag.

It features three good-sized pockets, which I use two for nappies.

Inside is a padded, fold able changing mat (100% cotton), Cub bag is fully washable at 30 degrees, which I have to say is something else that all parents-to-be need to consider!, with A's pregnancy the bag I chose was "wipe clean only" who makes a baby changing bag wipe clean only?, it's been put through it's paces, and is constantly your go to place for all things baby, so making it washable is a massive plus in my book.

What I've included in Sprouts hospital bag.

(things may change still & the wipes that are pictured are not the ones I will be using.)

1. Nappies & bags (our theory with nappy bags is, if you think you have's not enough.)
2.Wipes (I'll be using water wipes or my own re-usable ones)
3. Muslin cloths (You can never have enough! but have included 3 for now)
4. x4 outfits (again depending on how long we stay in hospital.)
5. scratch mitts 
6. Jacket.

It all fits brilliantly inside, and with 7 weeks to go I'm getting so excited that Sprouts Hospital bag is done, I'll be putting blankets in my own hospital bag.

Sprouts Cub bag currently sits near her cot which is next to our bed, it's great to have specified place for important things to take to hospital with you.

I know with this bag, I'll always have everything I need to hand, It'll help me whilst breastfeeding, as well as not be bulky, so I can keep watch of both my children whilst out and about, It fits across any buggy or pram too, which is great for doing the nursery school run (it's a 1.5 mile walk for me & back). Whilst also making an ideal hospital baby bag before & after she's born.

Bax & Bay have a stunning range of Cub bags & even do them for Kids too!

We'll be doing another post on how we use our Cub bag with a newborn baby, what it's like on her pram, how I use it to feed..etc.- so stay tuned for that!.