29 Weeks Pregnant// Baby 2

I'm 29 weeks pregnant, and week 30 is fast approaching already, I had an extra scan today, something which was discussed prior, I have two more extra scans booked also.

It was wonderful to see Sprout again, her movements on screen I could feel also, it was so lovely to see the profile of her little face, her head, her knee.

Today she was in breach position, I felt badly sick prior to coming to the hospital, and was glad to see it go once I was laying down for the scan.

Sprout is doing well, they tell me shes above average for her weight/measurements, I have no clue what that means but I'm told not to worry about it, so I'm not.

Her movements are excellent, she mostly enjoys when I'm laying down in bed, and sat back in a chair, her movements range from wriggles to her moving into a different position inside me, I know she's doing that because... well you just know I think. A was a kicker, Sprout is definitely a wriggler.

My blood pressure is being taken every 2 weeks, due to the issues with A's pregnancy, but i'm pleased to say it's been normal throughout my pregnancy so far. 

I had a glucose test last week, something I contested with them about because I was never given one with A's pregnancy, like I had told my consultant I will pass- and guess what? I DID PASS!, I know these things are sometimes needed, but I sometimes feel as ignored as I did the last time.

My joints are feeling more stiff & achy, & so too is my back, but that's pretty standard I suppose.

July went in a blur, I have August & September left to prepare, I feel unprepared!