Zombiiemummys Summer Parent Confession.

Summer holidays, lets be honest, they're long. no!- I mean they're looong!.
You have set expectations of how you'll conduct the holidays for the kids & once they are here?, all bets are off!.

I don't do perfect parenting, I don't have a beautifully curated Instagram either, the whole point of this blog was to document parenthood in all it's glory, be it from hair pullingly frustrating to wonderfully sweet moments with our children, this is why I'm thrilled to be one of the bloggers who's teamed up with Britmums & Anchor for the "Confessions of a Summer Parent Challenge" linky.

So lets not keep blabbing!- your here for our summer confession.

I'm not one of those parents who create activities, crafty or otherwise for the summer holidays, when we're getting restless I pack up a basic picnic & we dash to...


(no not the most edgy idea in the world..but hear me out)

A loves Anchor butter, we dont call A's sandwiches, sandwiches, we call it "Buppy".

Whilst Dean & I? we had cheese toasties.. well one of us did the other wanted ham & cheese, yes a random choice for a picnic!, but don't forget, the art is during the summer holidays is to please/keep everyone happy/quiet, typically everyone wants something different in our house.. i'm just glad Anchor had us covered.

Silence!...ahh wonderful.

Don't be fooled by that adorable face, he'd give any food critic a run for his or her money!.

The result? look at those smiles, it worked!... for today at least, remember parents, the struggle is real, the struggle is the 6 long weeks summer holidays.

If in doubt wack a load of random bits of food in a box & let your kids free in the local park for a while.

obligatory awkward timer camera setting smiles!.

The bump, A, Dean & I wish you all a great & safe summer holiday 

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