Sunny & hot!

Finally we seem to be getting some summer here in the UK, its been glorious!, but boy are us Brits not used to it, being 6 months pregnant during summer of course has it's challenges & yes I have probably complained once, (hey! we're all human), but A & I managed to get the paddling pool out & various other things.

Today after A finished nursery we decided to try out something we brought in the sales last year, A loved it & it was focus of a lot of joy for us parents too!, it was really nice just us three, & something I enjoyed with a slight heavy heart.. will he enjoy this as much with a sibling? a baby sibling? having to share us? I always have these questions on my mind, but I'll find out soon enough.

Our garden Is still slightly restricted as we make plans to make some more changes to it, we have a 70ft long garden, but it's tiered, and badly so, not to mention mistreated by the previous owners, there was evidence of decking, which was ripped up and taken of course, so everything we've managed in the garden so far is down to our own finances, we've so far spent over £1000, hoping to do a little more ourselves now.

For now A is making do with the space we've created for him, it makes me feel bad, but with our regular outings and woodland adventures, I don't feel right now A is missing out on a lot.

Bring on more sunny warm weather!