Our woodland adventures!

At the weekend we all went to Muddy Puddles Muddy Event near us, we had great fun!

We started off at 11am, which we thought was a good time!.

We set off to make our letters using things we found on our adventure, we strictly used things nature had left for us, we didn't pick anything or take anything still growing.

A enjoyed occasionally taking charge of us, a born leader we feel!.

Another task we did was find our favourite tree, A liked this tree, & i'm inclined to agree too.

We had to write why we liked it, I wrote A's response, hung it & took this picture (we took the tag away with us because It's important we don't litter, (A is very passionate about throwing rubbish in the bin & recycling).

I found a teeny tiny frog!, you can probably just about see it on the leaf!.

We had a fantastic time at the Muddy Event!, a much needed family time, we highly recommend to all!.