Moon Sand// DIY

So I confess, I finally used one of the pinterest pins I've been saving & actually did it in real life, my parenting journey started out with great intentions, the 3's have been very challenging for myself & Dean.

This DIY wasn't originally thought up by me, & finding the original source is next to impossible, so I thought id start this post with the small disclaimer of: I did not create this idea myself!.


You will need:
8 cups of plain flour (yes- 8!)
1 cup of baby oil
container or tub etc.. (I purchased this from Wilkinsons for under £1)

Mix together & It'll look something like this.

I let A choose what he wanted to include, which was something like a broken digger arm/scoop, a few plastic cheapy cars, a dinosaur & a melamine cup.

The great thing about it is you can theme it, if that's what you want to do, or completely wing me haha.

"Look Muma a Chocolate Vanilla Chicken!"

we then decided to retreat this activity to the garden, after Dean nearly slipped on the floor & I was banned from moving because of it.

I then made A a flag using tissue paper from yet another shopping order & a plastic straw that I'd decided was dead to me because I'd dropped it on the floor & wasn't in the mood to pick it up previously...

All in all a fab quick little activity, next time I want to get some glitter & theme them into different categories like space!.

The best part for me apart from the fun to be had, is the smell!, it smells wonderful!- obviously the baby oil ingredient but still!.

Try it for your little ones!