Mamma & Mini// Mama Style

A's pregnancy was a totally different kettle of fish, but this being my second & last pregnancy, I realise I can still be myself, style wise, I say style I don't feel stylish in the slightest, & at 26 weeks pregnant, even less so..

But I discovered on Etsy a really wonderful store, & for once I brought something for me this pregnancy.

Mamma & Mini.

I purchased the Mamma Romper/jumpsuit, & even asked for certain measurements to be tweaked (that's what I get for having big boobs), which was no problem for Phoebe, the wonderful creator of Mamma & Mini.

I've never worn a jumpsuit (except probably as a young child) or even dungarees, so in all honesty I was really worried I'd look awful, but I really love my jumpsuit, I feel good in it, & Dean agrees it looks "great" on me too.

Pregnancy Is tough, lets me honest, I'm not the most body confident woman in the world either, but I  feel great wearing my jumpsuit & I'll be back time & time again for sure!.