sew easy

Apart from the terrible pun in the title I guess you can guess this is about sewing of some sort. correct.

It's no secret I suck at using a sewing machine, I never learnt at school nor did I have a relative who could teach me, if you've seen my instagram post about A's Doctor coat DIY, you'll already know this.. if not, there you go. (Instagram: @Zombiiemummy)

I completed my first pair of shorts EVER for A, he really likes them, & I already know he's given me his request for some my little pony leggings, which I will be doing very soon!.

below is a few pictures of my finished handiwork, I know where I need to make improvements next time & my hemming is getting a lot sturdier which is good!.

I'm really proud of myself!, considering It took two people to sort out the lower bobbin in my impossibly small mini sewing machine..

It's already been slide tested,sandpit tested,trampoline tested, floor tested & generally A tested & nothing has split, torn or ripped! I just hope they hold up in the wash!, I think i'll probably cry real tears If I break them in the wash... 

I definitely want to make him more clothes, & also Baby 2 as well, my project for her is bloomers to cover nappies under dresses or on a warm day.

My mum could never make us any clothing, as much as she wanted to, so I want to get good for both of us.

Have you ever made any clothes for your children? any tips to share?.

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