Growing your own// The buying local edition!

With growing our own, to us it's important to buy local whenever we possibly can also, Sunday we ventured out, did some strawberry picking & also picked up some peas too.

For me especially I want to show A the benefits of growing your own & buying locally also, the taste, the preparation, & the excitement of growing your own from a handful of seeds.

It's rubbish that only girls need teaching to cook & prepare food, the argument I had with my cookery teacher in upper school was that we weren't been shown how to even peel a potato, trying different types of milk is all well and good but preparing vegetables is surely the forefront to growing up into adults and being able to make something other than a pot noodle.

She & I never saw eye to eye, perhaps because I was an argumentative little oik in all of her classes, but to not agree with the simple fact of teaching us nothing but how to make cakes is insulting to not only my intelligence but the subsequent students flooding her classroom.

I may have a son, but cooking is important, no matter what the gender of the individual & I've always resented the gender roles attached to that attitude.

Showing A how to make the pod "pop".

A really enjoyed helping me, it's a great little activity too, as this age they always want to help.

The best part was tasting of course, & A recognising on his plate was one of his favourite vegetables & he had helped prepare them, I think made them taste that bit more sweeter.

Do you like fresh vegetables or do you prefer frozen?