Baby #2 Haul// Independent Labels Edition #2

I promised another little clothing haul & I have delivered- as promised.

(From the top)
Dress= Mainio
Bloomers= Caramel Baby & child 
Tights= collegien
Vest= Happyology
Bib= Caramel Baby & Child.

I really like the wide variety of colours & styles I purchased, just like I did for A, I feel i'm following a similar random colour palette choice for Sprout.

The tights I saw in a sale & fell in love with them, when I received them Dean joked that no baby could possibly fit into those, in truth they do look tiny, but I bet they will fit, it's been a while since we both held a baby so the sizes are probably a bit odd to us again.

The bloomers I saw because I love the idea are versatility behind them, perfect for under dresses or even teamed up on a warm day with a vest & socks, bloomers just seem to be a great idea.

The vest I saw & loved because of the colours & collar.. ok it was mainly the collar, but it's a dressy up sort of vest, I purchased in 6-9 months so by the time she's in it, hopefully it'll be lovely weather.

The dress by Mainio, was a bargain at £6 in a sale, in truth id seen it for a little while before we had confirmation of gender, & I saw it again recently & decided to buy, I love the colours, & the brilliant part of it is it has a built in vest part too, I wish all dresses had that to be honest!.

I purchased in size 2-6 months, it's material means it's ideal for the time of year she'll be wearing it in (autumn) as well, I couldn't love it more if I tried!.

The bib was a random little throw in the online basket thing, when I received it it said "dry clean only" in all honesty a downright stupid idea for a baby bib.. but, never mind, it's design is beautiful, simple & elegant.

Like I said before, her wardrobe will be versatile just like A's was & is. 

I hope you liked this little haul of independent labels.

I'm hoping to show you round her finished bedroom soon (it's just not finished yet!) 

Zombiiemummy has not been compensated or paid to mention any items included in this post, all items were purchased by ourselves from our own pockets.