The state of Ipad games aimed at our children..

Ipad games for children... for us personally, they're a great way to add a bonus amount of education to A's life, whilst the Ipad is strictly used for a treat, A has fallen in love with a specific game..

My Little Pony: Harmony Quest.

 by Budge Studios.

As any other typical child would, he saw the picture tab in the App store, whilst scrolling alongside Dean, the app was free, something that we don't entirely worry too much about, after all, Dean & I have been video game lovers since we were able to pick up a controller or experience 8-bit, 16-bit gaming for ourselves, we are the generation that has seen video games evolve & expand into what it is today, in 2016.

However as A & Dean sit together and play his new found favourite game, they found they could no longer get any further in the game.. It was asking for £5.99 to unlock the rest of the characters & the rest of the levels..

Now before I carry on I want to clarify, I am not "complaining" about paying for an I pad game.

The type of language used in the game, immediately disappoints A because he cannot carry on in the game, the game and the player are at a stalemate, when you click on the character, the above image pops up.

"This is the job for four ponies, but look! queen chrysalis has cast a spell, and some of the ponies are sleeping"

I'm not saying the entire game should be free, and Budge Studios did disclose in the description, but this kind of unfair in game DLC (downloadable content) forces the parents to pay out for a game that in my opinion has only been half given to the player, make money from a game, sure go ahead, it takes time, money & effort to produce a decent game, but- and here's the big but, charge a flat amount for the game in the first place, making it fair for the player & parents, DLC is in my opinion a massive unfair type of scam, whether you see it on Sony PlayStation, XBOX, PC gaming or slowly introduced by Nintendo, DLC is purely a way to nab as much cash from the pockets of the buyer as possible, and we're not even talking about little extras, we're talking about another half of a game!, for a game that is meant to be a whole one, not broken into pieces and disappointing children enough for it's parents to feel such guilt that they're forced to pay.

Have we caved and paid the £5.99?, absolutely not, this game is only half of a game, there's also no guarantee that £5.99 will be the one and only "in game purchase" in the game.

DLC has boomed since video games slowly evolved, id say perhaps since the late 90's, It shows no signs of slowing, but suckering our young children into this at such an age is in my opinion not just wrong but shameful.