Sewing// The Challenge.

I've never learnt to sew using a sewing machine.. I never learnt at school (they introduced it as my year was leaving), the only person who could teach me was consistently ill throughout & then her passing when I was 17 meant I'd just not learnt.

I got by, by sewing buttons on & fixing holes etc all by hand.

It was Dean who taught me, he encouraged me to buy this tiny but mighty sewing machine & give it a go.

I made A a patchwork single sized quilt all entirely by hand, following a basic tutorial, it took me 6 months, sewing each evening when A was asleep for a few hours each night.

Now Sprout is on her way I felt I needed to make her something, but this time I would use the sewing machine.

As you can imagine using a sewing machine instead of by hand took me far far less time, this quilt isn't the same size as A's but I figured it wouldn't matter, & I intend to make a few basic pieces of clothing in the future now I have a little confidence.

I found the floral fabric in a charity shop, It was a curtain, & reminded me of the curtains that hung in my bedroom at my nans house, I'm not a big fan of floral patterns but this one I couldn't not purchase.

I attended a printing workshop last year, & fell in love with it, like with sewing with a machine I'm still new to it & so I like basic designs right now.

I sewed the quilt a different way than the first time I made a quilt, I wanted to hide the ends & make it a little more polished looking.

I chose the stripy backing fabric purely so we can choose which side to use & have the quilt whichever way we like also.

Overall I'm really pleased with how it's turned out, I feel for my first big project using a machine I did well!, my Nan I'm sure would be proud.

A has already asked for me to make him something.

Some trousers, so I'm excitedly getting prepared for that now.