Nana's Manners// Cutlery Designed for Children.

Mealtimes with children is always a task, be it their creative approach to hiding vegetables, their slightly picky eating habits or like us you have difficulty teaching & showing your child(ren) how to hold & use correctly their cutlery.

For us as parents we've brought so many different sets & nothing seems to be helping A.

We then stumbled upon Nana's Manners & cheered!, finally someone who gets it, who understands & has created a way for our children to still be as independent as they desire, but enable us, their parents to show & guide them.

This post I want to introduce Nana's Manners to you all.

Nana’s Manners believe in giving children the tools they need to learn to do the basics well.

Ergonomically designed, patented cutlery that teaches school age children how to hold and use a knife and fork independently and with confidence.

Nana's Manner's cutlery is the inspiration of Kathryn, a mother of two who taught 4-11 year old's in Primary School for 10 years. She returned to teaching from Maternity Leave in the year that hot meals were introduced at lunchtime for all children. Kathryn was overwhelmed to see the difficulties that almost all 4-5 year old's had in using a knife and fork. 

Kathryn started by using children's modelling clay to mould the handle shape that would support children in forming the correct grip to hold their knife and fork.

We love the design & that it's a shape that children can actually hold & be supported whilst using, we cannot wait to get hold of a set for A!.

To get your hands on one of the first edition sets or find out more about Nana’s Manners  please click on the link below!

We are proud to say we have pledged to Nana's Manners IndieGogo , & believe all children will really benefit.

Zombiiemummy has not been paid or compensated in anyway for this post,we simply believe in this product & wanted to help anyway we could, all photography contained in this post has been used will full permission & should not be taken & used without consent of the relevant party/ies.