Holiday Highlights..

Okay so totally ignoring the few days where I wanted to cut my breast off with a rusty knife because of the pain, we actually had a lovely little holiday, I'm so not done booking things here & there though, I do love exploring places, & whilst A is a real home bird type of personality, I love spreading my wings so to speak.

here are some photo's from our holiday.

The weather was a little mixed but, in good old English fashion we kept calm and carried on!, we had a great lot of fun & Dean & I even made a sand car (a very basic semi rubbish sand car nonetheless.. but A loved it) 

At the Dinosaur museum!.

At the Sealife park. 

I thought I'd only add a few photos of our holiday, family holidays I feel can sometimes be a private thing, at least for us it is, despite my health issue, we got on with it as best we could & A was amazing throughout.

A didn't want to come home, but with promises of more beach trips, that's satisfied him enough for now, next I'm thinking taking them both to a beach I always went to as a child.

Next  big thing for home is getting baby room started & finished!.