Growing your own begins..

Last year I brought a rather pathetic looking sprig of a tomato plant, for £1. I nurtured it, not expecting it to live long, but liked the challenge, It grew so big I had to plant it outside, it then grew absolutely massive & produced over 46 tomato's!

Not only did over 46 grow, they also tasted delicious too!

I thought I'd try again, growing it from seeds!, these particular ones are cherry tomato's smaller in size to the last years ones.

Growing up the thought of growing your own was boring, but now as an adult, I appreciate the time my parents grew their own vegetables, & my mum teaching me tricks & tips.

The garden the way it currently is, I'm severely restricted to what I can grow, I'm currently growing strawberries (plants planted last year) oranges & now tomato's.

I cannot wait for it to grow & to eventually grow our own food!.

one time in the future, I hope to grow carrots.

Do you grow your own food? what's the most challenging vegetable you've grown?.

Have any tips for us?