Give-away Winners Announced!

We had some fantastic tips on how you get your little ones to brush their teeth! they all are such excellent ideas, & proof that all our children are so different.

Our tips are:

When A was a baby we got a soft banana shaped rubbery toothbrush that we let him play with, (supervised) 

When he got his first tooth, we brought two brushes, one for him, one for us to clean it.

As a Toddler we did have a little battle at first, but explained that his favourite characters on TV & in books, brushed their teeth & if we don't get the bugs off they wont be lovely and white.

A now is a keen tooth brusher (is that a word??) and lucky don't need to battle, or plead with him. (which is always exhausting!)

A picked out 10 Names from a hat (a highly scientific & accurate way of course!) 

The Lucky 10 Winners are...

Joe Jowett

Katie Powell

Pixel Bandits

Owen Bromfeild

Kevin Alviti

Laura Glendenning

Tricky Wolf

Ash Bond

Kayleigh Cunningham

Adam Fretter

Winners please DM me on either Instagram or Twitter or Email Zombiieemummy@gmail.comwith your details so I can send your copy to you.

Congratulations to you all, & thank you all so much for entering!

remember you can buy the book for £3.99 (website address on give away post here ) where all funds raised through its sale will go towards supporting the work of Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation.