Baby buys// Baby #2- Independent Labels

I thought I hadn't really done a lot of posts about my pregnancy with Sprout, it's not deliberate.

I thought i'd do a post of some things I've purchased for Sprout or had stashed away (baby #2 has been a much much awaited pregnancy!- 2 years!).

All contained in this post are from independent children's clothing labels, if this isn't known already about us, we love independent brands,labels & small businesses in general, we believe buying small as much as possible has a more profound, positive impact on our world than buying elsewhere.

Independent businesses/labels:
  • Beau Loves
  • Kid + Kind
  • Tiny Cottons
  • Flora Fairweather
  • Corby Tindersticks (no longer create clothing)
  • Shampoodle
  • Moomin
  • The Bright Company
  • Fondly yours

with clothing for my little ones I like it to reflect their personalities, however small, from delicate prints to bold patterns, I'm not so keen on the blue for boys & pink for girls, I find it..for want of a better word asinine.

I've collected these pieces since we began our struggle for baby #2, sometimes buying each piece brought some form of comfort, therapy, Dean didn't once call it silly or pointless, which his love & support really did help.

I haven't set out buying certain sizes only, some are 0-3 months others are 6m+, a few were in sales at the time & I fell in love with each piece, so I purchased them, others I saw instantly & thought "why not?".

Each piece I just adore, but with a lot of things you have a few favourite purchases along the way.

This was the first ever item I deliberately brought for baby #2, brought at the start of our long hard journey, I saw this by chance in the sale & brought instantly. 

I absolutely adore it & really hope this will be one of the first things Sprout wears.

This is more of a recent purchase, I saw this in a sale, and saw one or two sizes left, original price being £62, I managed to get it for half price, & bagged the very very last size (0-6 months) It's a purchase I do not regret, it's style is simply wonderful, it's not pink, & I just know she'll look beautiful in it, it's the only dress I've purchased for her, but with the style, shape & colour of this dress, who could blame me?!.

I'm proud to say I adore each of the labels/brands I've included today, & whether you're expecting or not It's hard not to take a peek at all these fab labels! all of which you can find on Instagram very easily :)

I'm now 23 weeks pregnant, it all seems to be going so fast but I'm enjoying this pregnancy very much, my last pregnancy & final baby.

I hope you enjoyed this post!, I really hope to do some more soon!.

Zombiiemummy has not been paid or compensated in any way by any of the brands/labels featured in this post, all items were purchased with our own money & no brand/label has influenced our opinion of  any of the contained clothing.