Tiger Store// Haul!

After a failed clothing shopping trip, I decided the only place to cheer me up was Tiger, I do love tiger, they have things in there that you just need or want, & it always looks bright and cheery.

I brought a few bits that I liked and could definitely make use of a lot.

1. x4 plastic cones
2.Alphabet stamps
3. Plastic Tiffin boxes
4. Salad Dressing container
5. Cake Stamps

Total Spent= £15.10

I do love Tiffin containers, but in reality proper ones just aren't practical with accident prone people like us, so I thought plastic would be just as good.

I purchased the Alphabet stamps for my own personal printing projects, and to share with a friend, A has already used them for his own beautiful paper creations.

The cake stamps I brought because I thought it would be something fun to do in the future with A & to make Birthdays etc. a little more personalised too.

Needless to say A loved the traffic cones & It's one of my favourite purchases, just because I saw the look of joy on his face :)

Do you like Tiger? what's the best thing you've purchased from Tiger?