The favourite photo

Being a mother means a lot of the time, I'm the one taking the camera out and shooting some gorgeous shots, in A's 3 years of life, I feel I've taken some really beautiful shots of Dean & A, some where I just sit or stand and look at them in amazement thinking " I took that shot, they'll have that moment forever..", but for a mother, we often get overlooked, not out of spite or malice but just because that's sometimes how it goes.

Our time away, us as a little family, which is growing as you all know, was special, the weather didn't matter much & we had a great time.

Dean got some shots of us whilst we were rock pooling, we were both unaware he was snapping photos of us, & that is what made it even more special, I didn't need to ask or suggest, somehow when I do, I feel like saying out loud "never-mind doesn't matter.." but it does matter, it hurts at times seeing more of the boys together than just me & A, I want him to know we both took an active role in his childhood, photographs are sometimes snippets of proof I think.  

I love this picture so so much, so much so I intend to get it framed, it's a fun, innocent moment, between a mother & son, my hand holding him close as we delve into the little pool of sea water for treasures.

I wish I could say I'll definitely get more photographs like this with both of my children, but what I do know is, A & sprout will always know how loved, cherished & proud we are of them both.