Pregnancy with Baby #2// 19 weeks

Pregnancy with Baby #2 is going well, with A's pregnancy I had blood pressure issues, but so far I've been clear of that in this pregnancy, I generally feel like myself, but just with a little person inside me growing, gently kicking & nudging me. 

Clothes shopping is happening this week, but so far I haven't gone up dress sizes.

I have booked an exciting bump photo shoot at the weekend, I'm very much looking forward to that.

Friday Is my 20 week scan & we're on the cusp of announcing the gender also, I'm very excited for that.

Pregnancy so far with this one has been an absolute joy, not that A's wasn't, but I suffered with A a bit.

I cannot wait to have the bump photo shoot & have those memories forever.

A is excited, but every now & then I feel as though he's anxious about what it'll mean for him, I'm going to get him a book that explains it & I hope that'll relay his fears/worries.