Packed Lunch Inspiration..

A has been in his new nursery for a month and a little bit now, and he's loving his lunches, his current favourite is dairy lea with Marmite.. although A has no idea he's actually eating cheese, his lunch bag is empty of food each time, so far I must be getting something right!.

But I want to expand what he eats in his lunch, I ration his organix crisps, and he does have a variety, but I'm on a little quest to always adapt his lunches to his growing hunger & tastes.

I used puff pastry & green pesto- that's it!

I used a variety of cutters I had to hand, the dinosaur didn't quite go as I hoped, but you know? A wont mind, simply because they taste delicious and bake very quickly in the oven too!

Only tomorrow will tell if he'll eat them, but he looked excited whilst I was preparing them, so I take that as a good sign.

I'm going to pack some with a yoghurt, raisins, satsuma & water.

Sorry for the dark, dingy photographs, I was cooking dinner whilst making these, whilst having a discussion with A, why he could break my kitchen doorway safety gate by banging do love them so haha..