Omnio Stroller

Whilst at The Baby Show we got to see for ourselves the revolutionary Omnio Stroller.

It's not just any old stroller either.

This stroller features it's own omni-wheels for agile steering, an all weather hood to protect your little one come rain or shine, generous rain cover, but still stores easily in the stroller pocket, Shopping basket for cargo up to 3kg and a carry bag to protect your Omnio when carried on your back or stored in the home and car.

Okay so perhaps your child isn't going to be quite as big as this teddy, but it's a great way to get an idea of how your child will sit.

I had the chance to push it & I must say it handled like a dream!, it felt like it would have no problem with anything, even those dreaded curbs on pavements!.

The Omnio Stroller comes in three colours Blue,Black & Red, we photographed the blue to give you all a better understanding of proportions & detailing.


  • Lightweight- weighing in just over (16lbs) 
  • Rainproof- Generous rain cover that stores easily in the stroller pocket!
  • Shopping Basket- for items up to 3kg 
  • Foldable- folding to approximate IATA cabin baggage size, also fits in your boot with ease & even the footwell.
  • UV Protection- generous sun hood, protecting your little one from shine.
  • Accessible- Can be used to transport children up to 48lbs (22kg) and suitable for children ages 6 months & upwards.

We absolutely think the Omnio Stroller is not only revolutionary but a fantastic idea, with cars & lifestyles of all shapes & sizes, we can see the Omnio Stroller fast making its way onto high streets everywhere, Especially a stroller you can put on your back as well.

To find out more about Omnio & how you can Pre order your very own please go to..

Zombiiemummy obtained permission to take the contained photographs, none contained should be taken without consent from Omnio. 
We were not compensated by Omnio for the purpose of this post, but was part of the trip to The Baby Show (see The Baby Show- previous post for further disclosure details)