Nursery Project.

When we went away last week, A missed two days of nursery, It couldn't be helped & it was arranged months and months previous also.

A's teacher told us the topic was transport, they had made a cardboard double decker bus and did some of their own celebrations for the Queens 90Th the previous week before, she said it would be nice to bring back a few photographs all about the different transport we travelled on.

We all seized the chance and decided to turn it into a little project for A, we suggested it to him & he was very keen!.

I took some snaps of various modes of transport we visited & journeyed on.

We brought the paper & had the photos printed out at our local Staples store, (brilliant customer service!) 

We let A write the title out & I think he's absolutely brilliant at writing!. 

So even though A's teacher suggested some photos to look at, at least now  he has even more things to talk about with his class mates & teacher!.

Or it'll be blindingly obvious mums cracked haha!.