Isle of Man- what we've been up to..

We've been on the Isle of Man, a short time already, with the weather all over the place it's hardly been a time to sit on the beach and make giant sandcastles.

Time here is always wonderful no matter what the weather.

A loves the beach, living by the sea is just not doable for us as a family, but we manage to visit as many times a year as we can across England.

We've ventured to an indoor car boot sale, to a train museum, to a toy shop (glutton for punishment me!), and plenty of walking on the beach in between.

I just love photographs with Dean & A, I love shooting life shots, not posed, not scripted. 

It's amazing to think when we leave the Isle of Man, a few days later we'll be off to our private scan to see our sprout again, and A's first ever chance to see his brother/sister, I'm so excited about that, May is looking to be a great month & I cannot wait to see A's face when he see's a 3D picture of Sprouts face. I think I'll probably cry. ha-ha!

Sunday we had a wonderful roast dinner out, many places stop Sunday roasts here at 2pm!, considering we have it at dinner time, we felt fortunate to find somewhere & all agree it was a wonderful dinner.

Tomorrow will be a full day of fun, we're off on a trip in the steam train.

A's nursery topic is all about transport, so I've been taking pictures of the different types of transport we've been on here already, to print out so he can show his teachers & friends.
You can probably imagine I've gone a little overboard with the pictures... oops!