In a minute..

In a minute..or one moment or hang on, has become a phrase I've been using a lot lately since being pregnant with baby 2, the first trimester I slept all day or was sick..or a combination of the two, so being in the second trimester I could finally get things done that I needed to get done, house,garden, general life things etc..

Yesterday something that was said by A to me, made me realise I need to ignore the home sometimes & just be mum, be that play partner, the giggling adult that shouts "tickle dada!", & in my own way I thought that's what I was still doing, but obviously to A, not enough.

A is 3..he'll be 4 a month after baby 2 is born, they'll come a time, when playing with me will be..unthinkable?, or I'll sink into irrelevance, whichever it may be, I need to seize every opportunity now.

Today, as Dean was called into work & it being Bank holiday I thought it was the ideal day to try out my "eff it" attitude towards getting everything done at once in the home.

We started the morning with Play-doh, & had some fun with that.

After lunch we got some Lego out & built some random things from various pieces.

We've even invented our own games based on an ipad game we play each evening together as a treat before bedtime.

My time with my only child is now limited, it's even more precious than ever before, it's a whole new journey for us all as a little family, but I know if we're concious of ourselves as parents we can do an incredible job, learning to have 2 children for the first time.

Parenting is hard, we all know this, we know also that we give ourselves a hard time too, I'm a great mum, but like with every parent, none of us are perfect.

I'm off to get the paints out and surprise A with a big painty session

Pink Pear Bear