As children, we usually collect something along the way, I used to collect a number of different things for a while, when you grow older however, the same charm just isn't there any more, it seems childish almost..well that's how I felt about it.

I wanted to start collecting again, but concious about not cluttering up our home at the same time, I also wanted it to be something special that A & I could do, as mother & son, as child & adult together.

Sonny Angel.

They have several different series now, but seeing they've recently brought out their 12th anniversary collection, I thought what better way to start?.

They're sold "blind" as in they're an adorable surprise!.

We got a cow!, I think he's so cute, especially with a little chair to sit on too!.

Best of all A loves him too, & agrees with me we should get more, he's usually telling me off for buying things, but not this time.