Baking Day

Whilst at our local Sainsburys, (a supermarket we rarely do a lot of shopping in) I stumbled upon, well more Dean stumbled upon a small range of bake yourself treats by Paul Hollywood. they looked delcious, so had A help us choose.

We decided to give the "Luxurious Belgian white chocolate cookie mix" It makes 10 cookies.

for me personally, there wasn't much mix there, but I suppose if your only making 10 this amount would be plenty..either that or I'm greedy..

I'm not usually one for following baking instructions to a T, but for the purpose of this post I did.

After chilling in the fridge for 30 minutes, it was time to divide them up and pop them onto a baking tray..

I know I did at least two of them a little smaller, but I'm not a professional baker in the slightest, so to me it doesn't really matter..

They look & tasted delicious!

If I was to offer one piece of criticism it would be this:

I do not see any point in turning on my oven, leaving it on for over 30 minutes whilst I prep and leave the mix to cool before cutting & then putting in the oven.. to me It felt a terrible waste of time, money & electricity, so that's the one part I didn't do.

They baked well & overall I'm pleased, in the future I would give different ones a go, but Paul? 10 cookies just isn't enough! 

 Zombiiemummy was not paid or compensated in anyway for the purpose of this post, we simply love to bake..and sometimes cheat by using packet mix...