Pregancy with Baby #2.

I'm now 16 weeks.

This pregnancy has so far gone so vastly different to my first pregnancy, that it's almost unbelievable.
for a start my first trimester was from start to finish constantly feeling sick or occasionally being sick and when that wasn't happening I was sleeping..A LOT. 

I've had a consultant appointment, which I'm not happy about how it went, so I plan to chat to my midwife, who is just awesome.

I have a steadily growing bump & bending down is now uncomfortable & bedtimes initially uncomfortable also.

But the truth is, through everything so far, it's all been amazing, considering we never thought it'd happen again I feel lucky, fortunate & honoured that I'm creating another human being, that I'll be his or her mummy & I'm so excited, A is very excited too.

Soon I'll have to do some bump shots, I did those for A's pregnancy diary, it's only fair I do it for this little one also.

what's your best pregnancy top tip?.