Buffalo & Bear

I'm always looking for inspiring pieces for A's room, a lot seems to be solely focussed on girls, but I wanted something that wasn't aimed at a gender, that would inspire A throughout his childhood.

I finally found something that fits A perfectly, & I wanted to share that with you all.

A lovely wrapped package arrived in really good time

Kind Heart Fierce Mind Brave Spirit.

Those words perfectly sum up A & I just love the details & the website too!.

I purchased this one for £12 & I have to go back for more!, I'm thinking christmas & birthdays!.

Hanging in A's room.

It's just perfect! A looks at it each morning & it's a piece I do not see him growing out at all.

Do check out Buffalo Bear for all it's awesome items!.

Zombiiemummy was not paid, or compensated in anyway for this post, we at Zombiiemummy paid for said item out of our own pocket & simply believe in supporting handmade & small businesses & through our blog we like nothing more than to help those businesses.