A busy week ahead..

With lots of things happening this week, It's difficult to not be impatient for it to all finally arrive,
a few things have been on my mind lately & whilst I have to keep my mouth shut for a little bit longer, it's starting to get frustrating to keep everyone in the dark all the time.

The weather finally seems to be perking up which is really nice to finally see, the cold weather really does take its toll on you.

I have plans to get our 70ft garden started. In an ideal world it would have been finished before A was even born!, but 3 years on see's little progress to it other than paving,a fence & rubbish removal.
I suppose I should cut myself some slack, our front garden took a little time to finally look nice & we've done a lot inside, sometimes the money is just not there, but our neighbour is a gardener & we've agreed on some terms to help manage what we want in the long run. At the very least I want the decking up with safety railing/fencing done this year, anything is simply a bonus.

With the new fridge/freezer finally in the house, I can now relax & know it's contents will stay chilled, I'm frustrated at the cost of it, but ultimately its a must have in your home so I just have to get on with it.

A will be starting a brand new nursery this month, I pulled him out of his previous nursery due to many many factors, & I hope he'll finally enjoy this nursery, it's the nursery that is part of the school he'll eventually go to, he has a trial day then starts the following week. I really hope he actually learns there & is happier, my guilt of sending him to the previous nursery is slowly subsiding, he doesn't appear to remember or mention anything about the previous nursery so I'm looking forward to having a happy little boy tell me what his time there was like, getting pictures or paintings & hearing all about some friends he's made.

Soon we'll be off to the Isle of Man again, It'll be one of the few times now A & I will be able to come along, due to A starting school next September, I do love it there, so does A, perhaps because every morning we run down the road to the beach area & just walk & sit & eat ice cream, living not too far but far enough to not see it everyday, the sea is always so special for us as a family, I can't ever see us living by the sea, as I joke with Dean, I love our house on the hill, it's ideal & zombie proof ha-ha

lots of exciting posts coming up very soon!