10 stupid things people said when I was pregnant with Baby Number 1

When I was pregnant with A, I was so focussed on everything, when I did receive comments It was a little shocking at first.

But now I'm pregnant with baby #2 I'm almost looking forward to the vast amount of comments about If I'm hoping for a particular gender this time over another. *eye roll*.

10 things I wish people hadn't said to me whilst pregnant. 

Below is 10 things People said to me whilst I was pregnant, & why you should always try to find the funny, be it when your pregnant or after you’ve had your little one(s) (nope I didn't at first either!)

1. “I bet you wont be able to remember how your life was before!” such a comforting thing to say at a family gathering.. yes you will remember what your life was like before..because we all have brains.
2. “Pregnancy suits you!” Why thank you!, it’s great to know swollen ankles, elasticated jeans, a coat that wont button up & cravings suit me so well. In this instance I think the person is just attempting to find something to say, but instead comes out with this gem. It may have not been said with any malice, but it’s certainly one of those things that makes you wonder if it’s a compliment or an insult, or even both.
3. “Your eating for two now!” Almost sounds like some sort of odd semi cruel challenge, but you most definitely do not need to eat for two..still it’s the only time in my life I've ever smiled at my large belly with an outie belly button & enjoyed a little cake!.
4. “Are you sure it’s not twins?” ahahah! So so funny!.. OK sarcasm aside no, it’s not twins, I'm just really bloody huge ok? And this, this isn't a waddle!, it’s my pregnancy swag ok?.
5. “They grow up so fast!/it’ll all go so quick!” Can I give birth first before you tell me such things?, I do not want to know how quickly it’ll go, it’s like giving away a main plot twist in a series your really into! Just another stupid thing someone tells you to add to the pile, still it’ll make interesting stories with other fellow parents in the future!.
6. “Are you finding out what your having?” well unless It comes out a head of cabbage or a E.T looking alien, it’ll either be one or the other surely? Whether you find out the gender or not, you’ll always always find someone who disagrees with your decision, If your happy with your decision then it doesn't matter!, still it can be really annoying to listen to.
7. “ Don’t let her lift anything!, she’s not allowed to lift,okay!” Firstly, I am here! & secondly I'm not about to compete in worlds strongest man, It’s not a truck I'm lifting it’s a Tesco’s carrier bag , the baby isn't also going to fly out of me because I've bent down to pick it up!.  There's common sense then there's the don’t lift bags logic..
8. “Aren't you big!” A similar statement to number 4, but instead more of a sway towards the weight side, not necessarily how many children your housing in there.. This was said to me at a wedding I waddled to went to, literally a week before I had my son, which gave me intense paranoia if in fact I’d really eaten all the pies for 9 months or indeed been growing a human.
9. “ Oh, are you pregnant then?” This Jaw dropping question came from the mouth of our  neighbour, It made me stop and as usual sarcasm/dry humour and a pinch of rudeness came out. “Well..yeah!, this isn't fat you know!” ( I was by then 7 months pregnant) what in fact I wanted to say was “Oh no, no I'm not pregnant, I'm just wearing maternity jeans, wide fitted flat shoes & an almost had it stretchy t-shirt for shits & giggles my friend!”.
10. “That’s it!, your life is over now hahaha!” Somehow their laughter at the end of them saying this didn't reassure me, not one little bit. This was said to me upon announcing our pregnancy to family & friends. One of those very rare occasions I've actually been lost for words, Instead of saying something immature & crass like “well I'm sure your parents thought the same also” I simply smiled awkwardly & responded “Thank you for your insightful words”.

Whilst I recognise none in this list was said to me to hurt my feelings, they are one of lifes head scratching moments. You encounter them whilst pregnant & even after you've had your baby too.