The shoes- Why can't my son have pink shoes?!

I get A's feet measured regularly, and we've only just come out of a period of time where he'd scream  bloody murder at the poor Clarke's shoe fitter, only occasionally taking a liking to a particular shoe fitter after 10 minutes of non stop scream crying..

Shoes are vitally important, especially to little feet, With Dean's feet being an adult size 13 & mine a size 8, poor A never stood a chance of having dainty feet, but he's now at a point right now where he's at a steady toddler size 10, & hasn't got wide feet unlike us- his parents!.

With his current pair of Clarke's shoes starting to get a little scuffed and generally old looking, I decided to look elsewhere for the first ever time!, not because I don't value Clarke's shoes, but I just believed for a little cheaper I could find him a wider selection.

Dean suggested a sports shop that was closing down, that has trainers in a really decent sale!, I must confess I've never set foot into sports shops before, 1. I'm not sporty in any way shape or form and 2. It's painfully obvious I shouldn't be in there in the first place..

We took him to the biggest shelving of shoes, & it was apparent he disliked them all, then he wondered off (literally 3 paces to the right of us) & pointed to some "girl shoes" a smaller selection of various trainers with pink, whites & oranges. 
He'd chosen.. but there was one problem, they were no toddler sizes, only larger child sizes..
Dean & I both felt eyes on us from the women sat on the bench nearby, the oldest, the grandmother of the family gave me a hard stare, so I gave her one back, knowing exactly why she was staring at me in this way..

Why can't my three year old son choose Pink shoes?

When did pink become a socially unacceptable colour for a boy? in the Victorian times pink was worn by boys, so why in 2016 does it mean my son is some sort of sissy if he chooses it? why is it wrong if he chooses the pink wrapping kinder egg, or points out the skirts in the clothes shop?, why is it disgusting he loves My Little Pony or Barbie?.

I let A choose his shoes, and I bloody well would have chosen those pink & orange trainers & the only reason I didn't buy them because they didn't have his size.

It makes me angry & frustrated that I have to say to A he can choose clothes & toys that he likes that there is no girls & boys toys only toys, It shouldn't be like that, it should just be obvious to all, but when I encounter people that make comments or frown at us, it makes it so much harder to help A grow up in a society unbiased to what's socially acceptable or not & a society that loves to categorise genders into one or the other group!.

So we went to Next & I let him choose, & he chose the shoes pictured above, It made me feel bad & uncomfortable that he had to compromise with the original shoes he loved, but like Dean reminds me we give him the choice each time & he's just as happy with these shoes as he would've been with the pink & orange shoes.

I will never stop giving my son the choice of pink or other colours, Barbies, My Little Pony and more.

A loves cars, trains,playdoh, My Little Pony, Barbie & his favourite colour? is yellow. not blue. not pink. because we as his parents give him the freedom to choose, he has a toy kitchen & loves to cook & bake with not only myself but Dean also. 

He's a caring, loving, but quiet child, but is also very sure of himself as a person, he understands in more depth than many adults I've encountered throughout my life. 

So when you comment, frown or laugh, he hears & see's everything, he cares about the environment & once told off a grown man for littering in town, in front of me, with no hesitation.

My son can have pink shoes. leave him alone.