Home improvements//Outside edition

With the sunshine, came the realisation that our front garden was an absolute state, last year our fence was destroyed, & then the gate was stolen.. yes stolen.. upon reflection when I paid for it to be done I was ripped off & taken advantage of, a neighbour who does gardening as a job was given the task of sorting it out, we're really happy with the results.

So with the new fencing up, I decided to finally plant the plants & wild flower seeds my mum always buys me.

I mostly planted seeds & purchased some tubs from a local shop, I still have some things to improve on in our front garden, with two levels to our front garden there is a lot to keep tidy & pretty.

I still have to buy some sacks of blue slate for the upper part of our front garden.

I got Dean to help me create a border in the lower level so I could plant some wild flower seeds, the grass has suffered for a while, so I've also got to buy some grass seed. 

There's still plenty to do outside & I'm not quite finished yet, but it's looking so much more loved outside than before. 

I plan to buy a children's gardening set so A can help me, he calls the flowers outside his flowers so what better way to get him interested in looking after the environment is at home?.

Is the sunshine bringing you out into your garden?.