H&M mini basics haul//Kids

There comes a time when your little one just runs out of the basics.
 A is currently at that point where 2-3 year clothes are starting to become too short in the leg for him (we are talking about trousers only) but age 3-4 are still a little long & wide, it's very difficult to accommodate, luckily a lot of his trousers are leggings & we have no issues with those, but it's the jeans that are so difficult! I only buy elasticated waistband jeans for A.

So I brought a few basics from H&M.

I purchased x3 pairs of trousers & 1 tee (Dean really liked the tee so I purchased it too)

All are size 3-4 and the top right pair are too big for A, the other two fit well, it infuriates me the range of cut & sizing certain clothing goes through, I don't really like purchasing much from high street stores because I don't trust them like I do independent brands, but I do like A to have some smart & casual looking jeans too. 

A chose this pair, it's a very light colour & admittedly I was hesitant about it, but A really wanted them so I purchased them, I want him to have a say in his clothing, he's wearing them all after all.