Emma Chichester Clark// Blue Kangaroo Books//

When I first Met You Blue Kangaroo!
Where Are You Blue Kangaroo?
Happy Birthday Blue Kangaroo!
All by Harper Collins Children's books.
£6.99 each Paperback.

What caught my eye about these books are the bold colours, the illustrations & the story-lines.
Even as I write this now A is sat beside me reading them all, remembering favourite parts of each book.

When I First Met You Blue Kangaroo.

When Lily gets a new baby brother, she soon discovers that it’s not easy learning new
things and helping to look after someone so small. But then Grandma brings her a very
special surprise; someone who also needs to be cared for – Blue Kangaroo!
And from the moment that Lily and Blue Kangaroo meet it is love!

Where Are You Blue Kangaroo?.

Lily loves Blue Kangaroo, but she often loses him and sometimes Blue Kangaroo wonders
if he’ll ever see her again. Luckily, Lily always seems to find him, but what if one day she

Happy Birthday Blue Kangaroo!.

Lily has decided - this year she will have a pink birthday. Pink invitations, pink cake and
pink presents. But Blue Kangaroo is not pink! Has Lily forgotten her best friend?

As A has a little toy he sometimes takes with him, I think he could relate to Lily & Blue Kangaroo.

 A sat with Dean & they began reading.

Dean reading to A "When I First Met You Blue Kangaroo"

Dean reading to A "Happy Birthday Blue Kangaroo"

Dean reading to A "Where Are You Blue Kangaroo?"

A loved each book, & when I asked him which was his favourite he had a tricky task to choose, all in all we all thoroughly enjoyed each book.
It kept A's interest throughout each book, & A would often stop to count the Kangaroo's or to talk about the party games or to talk about Lily's new baby brother.

Each story wasn't too long in length & if it kept A's attention then it's a thumbs up from us!

The Books by Emma Chichester Clark truly are beautiful books, not only are they illustrated stunningly (something A comments on too) the storyline slot together perfectly.

A must have for any child's book collection!.