Castle adventure

The weekend saw us really enjoying the sunshine, although it was quite chilly, we managed to get both A & Dean's haircut & then Sunday we visited a Castle, not too far away from us, where I'm from there aren't any castles so it's nice that we have so much near us here.

We visited the playground there & A seems to have found this bravery from somewhere, previously only ever wanting to go on wings & wanted to go on by himself!, I explained that I felt more happier if someone went on with him, it was as high as it looks on the photo!, so A asked Dean.

We had a lovely listen to some demonstrations, about birds, there was a kiddies sword fighting class on (toy swords!!) but A didn't really fancy it, so instead we brought him a sword of his choice (I liked the wooden ones..) and then began on our own adventure!

He's very good with it considering we've never allowed toy weapons of sorts before! 

All the sunshine really has made me even more excited for summer & our holiday!