The Lady..

We spent a few days of half term with my parents, my mum had a rare week off so we decided to take full advantage, A doesn't see his Nana & Grandad much, and it worries me they'll drift apart someday, but I like to think on the other hand we all try our hardest, & that's all that can be asked of us all.

A & I exploring with Nana & Hector the dog (both not seen in photo)

My parents still live in the home I grew up in & whenever we go to stay I can remember all the memories I have growing up there, but there's also someone else who has always lived with us, a lady, a lady that is still confused as to why we live there too, a lady that used to & still does wake up A & scare the dog, but none of us can see her, but A.

whenever we stay things happen more often, A never settles down to sleep because he tells me the lady is playing with his stars (music box, star projector) or the dog is running around the bedroom (this particular dog he was referring to was our family dog Sandy, who has passed a few years ago, my parents dog however was downstairs with us when he called us back upstairs) or the cats are scratching the door (these were cats that have passed also, I witnessed this particular incident in the early morning, and had to "open the door for the cats").

These moments, fragments make me truly think of how much A can really see, he see's these animals, this lady as clear as you or I, but I cannot.. I cannot help him or lie & say I can too. This lady who lives in my parents house must be confused, a Medium told us so, it's her house, that's what she thinks & for a few days after my parents newly fitted, remodelled kitchen strange things happend like the ignition button on the hob would click over & over (it was re-tested and nothing was awry) & things would crash off of work surfaces right before you.

Exploring the woods with Nana.

Things have happened at our home also, which with every "incident" never leaving me, no matter how friendly these people seem to him, how can I protect him from something/someone I cannot see or feel?

Can A see others around us? when I'm innocently pushing him on the swings or exploring another National Trust home & garden or even around town?.

So you see, family visits are never straightforward for us on my side of the family, & whilst I understand many of you will not believe this post, I promise you It's all true.

Pink Pear Bear