Recipe// Sausage pastry bake- great for fussy eaters!

I'm always looking for a way to incorporate A into preparing food with me, so he knows his carrots come from the ground & not just a supermarket, he knows his sausages come from pigs, & milk from cows etc..

A was a fantastic eater once weaned, he'd eat casseroles & roasts with gravy, but now it's reverted the other way, typical of many children turning 1,2 & then 3. A will not eat meat or fish, but sausages are his absolute favourite.

I love coming up with recipes, & if your a regular reader to the blog you'll know this too, my passion is cooking for little ones, making them realistically nutrituous, Annabel Karmel recipes do not work in our house, so I create my own, insprired often by budgets & varying degrees of fussy eaters this is my recipe for..

Sausage Pastry Bake. 

Preparing everything beforehand will make, creating this with your little one(s) so much easier & stress free. (anything to keep tantrums away eh?)

You will need:
x1 puff pastry sheet
Sausages (I used a pack of 6)
x1 Onion 

1. Firstly I cooked the sausages & cut them up & chopped the onion.

2. Roll out the pastry sheet & smooth ketchup over the top,
I decided on ketchup because chopped tomato's left the pastry soggy & tomato puree was a little sharp for A's taste.

A really enjoyed helping, I stood next to him & gave him a simple instruction 1 by 1 & didn't interfere.

3. A placed one by one the sausage pieces onto the pastry.

4. A then sprinkled on the onion, A wont eat onions, but this was a simple ingredient that I decided to put on to show A that his plate wont always be full of things he 100% knows he'll like, trying new foods is part of growing & discovery & that it can be fun too!.

I then put it in the oven on medium heat for 25 mins (do check your own oven, mines a complete pain!)

It went down very well, A ate his portion, & think next time I'll add peas for some colour.

The best thing about cooking for your children is you know their tastes, I really feel by getting A involved in mealtimes it's helped.