Playdoh Pancake Party!

Today was such a cold day, I felt bad for not going outdoors once, but A & I had a lovely time today, just us playing around.

A's Pancake party! It was his idea.
 I try to leave the play doh bag out where he can access it whenever he likes, the one in the middle with the stars on top is my pancake, & the tiny pieces are I think sweets for "being a good girl,being a good boy, doing poo poo in the potty etc.." It just goes to show you toddlers are like little sponges, all the those things mentioned I've said to him, it did make me chuckle when he told me I was a good girl for doing a poo on the potty haha!.

Little later in the day A wanted to have a picnic, so I helped him with the blanket & sat where he wanted me to & then watched as he set out this wonderful plastic, felt & wooden food spread.

I absolutely love the 3's A's imagination seems to have really kick started!, the way he'll create a storyline in his head & tell me all about it, makes me want to write a book about it all.

There were no plates or cutlery to be found though..haha!

Enjoying his ice-cream!.

Having a 3 year old has it's challenges, he's a stubborn as myself & Dean put together, his occasional tantrums leave me wondering if I'm helping him to understand the importance of using his words instead of screaming & fake tears at all.. I often doubt myself to the point of emotionally beating myself up over how the perfect type parent could possibly do any better than I'm doing currently.

I said to my sister in law the weekend just past, that the first year, upon looking back was the easiest part, that once they reach 1+ it becomes trickier & trickier.. I wish, now I hadn't said that, that it wasn't my right to say such a thing, I don't put lots of negative points about my experiences as a mother here like some bloggers do, because simply, I do not want to, for me that's not what I want it to be about here.

One day my little boy will be a man, & I don't want to waste time writing about how I eat my feelings after every tantrum I have to deal with, or explaining why we shouldn't pee on the landing carpet (4 paces away from the bathroom!!) or even how A is so stubborn I often feel like I'm explaining why a billion times to myself instead of him.

Life is so short, do what makes you happy!.