Life going fast

January seemed to go really fast, & it feels I've barely had time to write just an update on life in general on here.

A finally came home with something he made at nursery, I've yet to receive any pictures or paintings,  but he baked something, so that was really special!, he made a cheese scone, something he had a few nibbles at then decided didn't want.

As we move further into 2016, I cannot wait to see what it holds for us as a family, & as individuals.

I had a good catchup with my hair stylist Nicola & got my hair trimmed and feeling nicer again.

Half term is here & we'll be spending it with my family for a few days, Posts may be intermittent from Wednesday, but I shall be organising posts today & tomorrow.

My first knitting project is almost completed & I cannot wait for A to try it on!

There's plenty I want to share, but cannot right now, until the timing is right.